John McClain
Co-Owner of Monster Sound and Picture
Sound Designer/Mixer

John McClain joins Celebration Nation to share his experiences as an audio/visual expert in sound design and custom music for games, film and commercial projects. John wants to share the importance of a good sound and design team behind your big projects. John is willing to share his struggles and triumphs in the business, how to navigate a market that requires creativity, and how to be successful promoting your brand.

John specializes audio engineering, sound design, video production, and video editing. He is a Co-Owner of Monster Sound and Picture in Las Vegas. The company was started when a group of mixers, sound designers, composers, visual effect artists, and editors came together after the frustration of working for creative departments limited their creativity. Someone decided to bring this vast group of talented individuals together under one roof. Together, the team began producing Monster products for clients.

Monster Sound and Picture assists and supports clients around the globe. Their work spans from film and television studios, creative agencies and game developers, and numerous brands. The work produced at Monster Sound and Picture has accumulated several EMMY Awards, plus a Grammy Award.