Kisha LeSane
Celebration Ambassador
Pinch of Butter

As small town southern girl from North Carolina, Kisha Lesane is the proud owner of A Pinch of Butter, LLC. She’s also an Influencer, YouTuber, Vlogger and published author. Food is her life. She a passionate food blogger with a stunning personality, a winning smile (at least that’s what her mom says) and an appetite to match.

As a successful blogger, Kisha has the opportunity to experience many restaurants, drinks and products and share all of her experiences on her social media platforms. She takes pride in introducing hungry guests to amazing restaurants. her followers have grown to love her honest reviews. 

“Butter makes everything better.” ~Kisha’s #1 Motto

Just a few years ago, Kisha faced adversity and I found it hard to look forward to a new day. Once she discovered the National Day Calendar it became a little easier to find a new reason to celebrate everyday! Becoming a Celebration Ambassador has has opened up a whole new world for Kisha to be her genuinely authentic self using food holidays on the calendar to monetize and improver her branded image.