Master of Ceremonies

Brian Reinbold
BraveHearts for Kids

Brian Reinbold considers himself to be an optimist. He dedicates his life to encouraging people to believe in the impossible. He connects people and to align similar ideas, then pushes them to be courageous and dream big.

“Doing good anywhere does good everywhere” ~Brian Reinbold

Brian has been a passionate individual his entire life. He is a business owner, a consultant, a coach, a manager, and trainer. Lately, he was been a speaker and broadcaster. However, nothing means more to Brian than his passion for the BraveHearts for Kids organization, a charity that supports the needs of pediatric cancer patients and their families.

BraveHearts for Kids helps save the lives of children by providing information, hope, guidance, and resources to families dealing with a childhood cancer. All services offered by the charity are free thanks to people like Brian, who go above and beyond making sure 100% of the donations made are applied to families in need.

Brian is also the host of the BraveHearts Radio Show, where he shares inspirational stories about people who are changing the world through helping others. His goal is to create an environment that forms a better and brighter world for everyone by becoming a Brave Heart.

In 2015, Brian helped the BraveHearts for Kids organization establish National BraveHearts Day. This day honors the bravery of children suffering from cancer and their families. National BraveHearts Day also brings awareness to the Spotlight Hope App. The app provides information to thousands of resources in the United States to help families navigate pediatric cancer.

National BraveHearts Day – April 28th