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Social media strategies change at a very fast rate. The best way to learn the market is to learn from others. Our goal for Celebration Nation is to provide you with tactics and strategies to improve your social marketing. We are offering an exclusive look into social media strategies, how to create organic content, and how to monetize off your content and brand. Adding your name to the agenda will:

  • Give exposure to you and your brand.
  • Enhance your reach by networking with some of the leading entrepreneurs, influencers and marketing experts.
  • Learn how to leverage your brand across different platforms.


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Everyone has a story. Some stories are so captivating, they intrigue and move us audience beyond explanation. These stories often talk of overcoming adversity by finding ways to celebrate milestones, big and small. National Day Calendar witnesses these stories every day. To us, celebrating National Days means more than sharing. Celebrating National Days is about celebrating life, milestones and moments.

We’d love to add your story to the Celebration Nation agenda. Share how you Celebrate Every Day!


Our Celebration Ambassadors are a special group of hand-picked individuals who live to Celebrate Every Day. Many of our Celebration Ambassadors are public figures and have prominent social media channels. Besides bringing added exposure to our calendar, they bring brand awareness through sharing our content in unique ways.and moments.

Celebration Ambassadors have the opportunity be a guest speaker at Celebration Nation. We want you teach people how to Celebrate Every Day using National Day Calendar. Let’s get your name on the list today!