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Marlo Anderson,
National Day Calendar

Marlo Anderson has always been curious. Growing up in rural North Dakota he cut his teeth on newspapers and encyclopedias. He listened to the radio in his youth, and made a catalog of the top 40 hits. For a while, he dreamed of a career in Broadcasting, but decided to stay closer to home. After all, he was good at satisfying his curiosity right where he stood.

Growing up, Marlo liked pulling things apart and putting them back together. He had a knack for sports and all things tech. He has built many companies over the years based on a passion for improving the way something was done. In the process he improved his community, his state, and organizations with a much wider reach. It seems this humble guy had mastered the ripple effect.  

It came as quite a surprise while appearing on live television that he was being interviewed for his company National Day Calendar, instead of his work on Autonomous Vehicles. This company was born out of a curiosity for odd days like National Popcorn Day. His blog was more of a hobby to fill in the gaps of where these holidays came from. Just as he neared the two minute mark of explaining his thoughts on the Autonomous Vehicle corridor, the news correspondent asked the fateful question, “What does this have to do with National Puppy Day?” That was when Marlo knew he had created something bigger.

Since then he’s been called the “Influencer of Influencers” for creating the number one trending topic of all time. Marlo has appeared in countless publications from the Wall Street Journal to Time, Inc., and Fortune Magazine. All for the effect his website has on the national economy. While he gets to add days to the calendar, hangs out with astronauts, sports heroes and other dignitaries, Marlo is still motivated by curiosity. Most of all he loves the way people stop and tell him what Celebrate Every Day means to them.

Marlo is happy to be the ringleader of fun. His brand is synonymous with the bright side of life.