Michelle Lucas, Founder & CEO
Higher Orbits

Michelle Lucas is a force to be reckoned with. She is a teacher, mentor, and friend to anyone who crosses her path. Her dynamic personality and work ethic are an inspirational to many. She is energetic in everything she commits to, and encourages everyone to be successful in their own way.

Michelle knew at an early age her passion for space. She graduated from the Aerospace Engineering, Communications & Space Studies at Purdue University and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

After graduation, Michelle spent the next 10 years working at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. She worked at the International Space Station (ISS) Flight Control Operations Planning as an astronaut instructor in the Daily Operations Group. During this time, she was responsible for basic instructional training of all technical instructors for in the United States and the ISS International Partners. Instructor, trainer, and flight controller, Michelle has done it all.

Michelle developed an eager passion for inspiring students to learn about STEM & STEAM while working at NASA. This passion led to the beginning of extensive work with other organizations in STEM/STEAM outreach. Her work inspired her to form Higher Orbits, a nonprofit that helps students learn about the wonders of STEM/STEAM through spaceflight.

Michelle is also a business partner for Uniphi Space Agency, a talent management company for retired astronauts. She is a proud Space Camp Alumni and member of the Space Camp Hall of Fame. Her achievements are endless and her love for space has made her one of the most sought after speakers formerly from NASA!